Special Operations Division


Having trouble staffing the right personnel for a job that just doesn’t seem fit for “normal security guards”? CSCI offers a team of highly trained SWAT and Military personnel for just that reason. Today’s world is beginning to see a paradigm shift towards more Private Security contracting over expensive Law Enforcement and Government resources that may be running over-time prices. The advantage of the CSCI Special Ops. Division is receiving the same qualified personnel that their main objective is completing the task at hand as efficiently and non-confrontational as possible. This division has effectively proven to save our customers money, eliminate threats, and assist Law Enforcement resources by two methods:

Professionalism and Commitment.

  • Special Event|Crowd Control
  • Oil & Gas Contraband Compliance Inspections
  • FEMA Operations|First Responders
  • Fire Site Protection
  • Search & Rescue
  • Fugitive Recovery Force
  • Corporate/Personal Protection
  • Armed High Value Cargo Escorts


Check out the individual descriptions per operation or contact us today to see how our teams may be beneficial!

“Our physical training and tactical exercises are great. However, it’s not what makes us successful. It is the extensive planning from our teams that reduce the opportunity of possible threats, and our professional appearance that leans away from the ‘intimidation tactic’ while in the field. “

Jacob Patton – Director of Operations


Oil & Gas Well Inspections


In order for an energy company to operate on a leased property, they normally must fill an agreement with rules set by the land owner. CSCI assists in the upholding in these agreements by enforcing the rules and company policies. Typically in specific regards to weapons, narcotics, and alchohol. Our Specials Operations teams randomly search drilling sites and properties to remove any possible threats of a dangerous or hazardous environment. These searches have resulted in removal of hundreds of weapons (firearms, machetes, and other unconventional weapons), thousands of rounds of ammunition, and large amounts of narcotics and alcohol.

Special Event|Crowd Control

Large gatherings of people at any time can be of high risk. Whether it is a peaceful family event at the state fair or large scale city protest. Tensions are high due to stress and less personal space, lack of order and an abundance of other factors. Additionally, they make easy targets for a person to cause and flee a large scall disturbance or event. That is why CSCI utilizes our Special Operations presence and skill sets for our customers. Dressed in either uniform or plain clothed, our team will monitor crowds and behavior, find and question suspicous activity, conduct traffic, and maintain order. The proper security is vital to large public events and we ensure our clients feel 100% satisfied while our team is on the job!

Corporate & Personal Protection

Having a sufficient team dedicated to your safety or to the safety of your corporate leaders is vital in times at need. The number one rule that our teams train on is seperating our principle from the potential threats instead of combatting our way out. Our teams practice a wide variety of situations that have been seen in the field. These range from escorting through large crowds (when mandatory), precision driving techniques, hostile environments, and “auditorium type” scenarios. Let our staff of plain clothed or uniformed Personal Protection Officers assist in keeping your self or team safe!

First Responder-FEMA Ops.


It is not the goal of our Special Operation teams to replace the irreplaceable Local and Federal Law Enforcement during dramatic events or crises. Our teams work tirelessly in order to assist and compliment these different agencies and victims. During these largescale events whether man-made or a force of nature, our teams will respond once called upon by our State and Federal Governments. The task normally at hand consists of keeping the peace and restoring order from looting and distraught crowds. Additionally, assiting in saving lives during search and rescue operations and performing first-aid.