Private Policing


CSCI is proud to offer our unsurpassed Private Policing Division. This division brings forth to our clients highly trained and professional “Texas Commissioned Officers” that are held closely to the TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) standards. CSCI utilizes current and former Law Enforcement and Military officials that have extensive skill sets on safely protecting assets and keeping the peace. Additionally, each officer undergoes top-notch reoccurring training through CSCI Training Institute. This training is comprised of classes such as:

  • Report Writing
  • Advanced Handcuffing/Speed Cuffing
  • Non-lethal Self-Defense Techniques
  • Field Interrogation Techniques
  • Approaching Suspicious Persons/Vehicles
  • Criminal Deterrent Techniques
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Special Tactic Techniques

Each officer must undergo an extensive hiring process that includes Pre-employment Examination, Interview, Extensive Background Review, Personal Reference Reviews, Drug-screening, and Officer Review Board. CSCI Security ensures the highest quality of protection without reference to the degree of the assignment. We understand that each clients’ needs may be different than the next. This is why we offer the availability of our officers from a one shift or up to one month agreement.

Our Private Policing Division has had the opportunity to assist many local agencies in detaining and arresting suspects while protecting our customers interests. We are fully prepared to use all resources to enforce all rules, regulations and laws on your property while showing the upmost respect and professionalism towards the work environment areas in which we serve. Call us today and see how CSCI Patrol Division may serve you!