Patrol Division


One of the qualities CSCI prides our self on is our extensive knowledge and experience of safety and Law Enforcement training/tactics. Far from the reality of other local security providers we take the time and effort to establish well distinguished beats and small routes for our patrol officers. Instead of acquiring business spread throughout the metroplex our staff would rather see to it that establishments within 7 miles of each other receive the protection they deserve. With a patrol vehicle in each beat, CSCI officers are able to accomplish many tasks. The first accomplishment is being diligent. The officer on duty is no longer wasting time traveling on interstates or roads where they are not needed. Rather they are constantly checking up on our clients as many times as they possibly can. Our officer is able to respond to suspicious activity or alarms much quicker. The next major advantage to this model is complete efficiency. Our response time is quicker, officer presence is more, and costs are lower. As part of this patrol service, other aspects such as foot patrols of common areas and door checking is also included. CSCI strives for relationships. It is our goal to form relationships with businesses within a small area to ensure everyone is getting the absolute best quality of service as possible.

Personal and Perceptible appearance is detrimental to getting the job done correctly. This is why we ensure all of our officers are outfitted with the best equipment to get their job done correctly. All of our officers are trained on how to present themselves professionally. The first step on an officers “Use of Force Continuum” is presence and appearance. CSCI uses Police Interceptor Crown Victoria’s. All of which are fully equipped to handle any job. They all offer real-time communications, GPS, Red/Green/White/Amber LED lights, siren, spot light, Trauma kits, and weaponry.


CSCI Officers are fully licensed and prepared to defend you and your property from any unwanted persons or activity. We are here to enforce rules and violations as well as detain and assist in arrests when laws have been broken.