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Seconds count when your security and safety are at risk. Knowing that your family, employees, and property are safe is important to your peace of mind. Investing in a security alarm system can prevent theft, save lives, and help limit a loss.

CSCI offers a wide selection of commercial and residential security alarm systems, security products, and live monitoring in order to keep your business and home safe. Our products include: security systems, burglar and fire alarms, security cameras, access control systems, and CCTV surveillance systems (IP Video).


Tracking/Eavesdropping Devices



Whether you’re covertly tracking a high value cargo shipment deep inside the hull of a steel cargo ship at sea or keeping an eye on a company vehicle, CSCI has just the right tracking device. With our specially designed tracking devices, one is able to keep an eye on their asset no matter what. Utilizing military satellite, our customers can watch their assets ping anywhere on the grid for 30 days in real time. These devices can be set to communicate and bounce signals off of each other. Thus sending out a distress signal if your shipment is separated. These advanced devices may also monitor temperatures, speeds, number of stops, and time. All features within an object the size and weight of an iPhone. CSCI works with our clients to prepare the best solution to their needs. Whether it involves leasing or selling these state-of-the-art devices!


Covertly recording a conversation with a bad boss or using frequency waves to listen to a conversation within your home, CSCI is fully capable of operating to those capacities. We offer unique equipment that is designed to be completely inconspicuous. Put these pieces of equipment to use in sting operations, work place harassment cases, or any other covert activities! For security and privacy purposes, not all devices are listed.


Video Surveillance Cameras


Video surveillance cameras (IP Video Solutions) provide a solution without the complexity of traditional CCTV systems. High quality live and recorded video are available to customers through web-enabled computers, cell phone web browsers, or via downloadable apps for iPhone, Blackberry, and Androids.


Security Control Panels


  • Fast, Reliable, and Secure Wireless Signaling
  • No Separate Power Supply Needed
  • Remote Monitoring and Control via Web/Mobile
  • Expansive Coverage Footprint
  • Home & Business Automation & Energy Management
  • Easy-to-Read Diagnostics


CCTV / Surveillance Cameras


CCTV provides a great visual for monitoring your business or home. It can help prevent vandalism and monitor the daily activities taking place in the office or your home. At any given time, you may login to your control panel and view live or recorded video! CSCI offers a wide variety of name brand cameras to best suite our customers needs. Our Texas licensed Security Integrators are capable of finding the most cost efficient camera to best match your expectations of quality and purpose. CSCI only utilizes cameras that are guaranteed to perform as advertised.

Access Control Systems


Electronic access control systems have become a standard in today’s business world. Today’s access control systems do much more than just lock doors. System features include:

  • System and Activity Monitoring
  • Database Management
  • I.D. Badging
  • Database and Event Reporting
  • Floor Plans
  • Video Verification
  • Digital Video and CCTV Integration
  • Hand, Fingerprint and Iris Readers


Customers of CSCI have proven to of reduced their risk of corporate espionage and leaks of confidential information. This simply works by allowing a business to grant and deny access to individual doors per employee. Also monitoring the time spent per employee within each secured door.