Corporate Consulting

Let CSCI Supply your Corporate Security Department

Beginning or maintaining the best Corporate Security Division can be an expensive cost that at times can be hard for a business to justify. This service is about protecting your business from every aspect and not just physical security.

How it works

CSCI knows about Corporate Security. As a leader in providing consultants to major corporations, CSCI has learned that this aspect is about protecting the entire business as a whole. This is why our consultants are experts in dealing with Corporate Policies & Procedure Development, Code Compliance, Fine mitigation and much more. Our exceptional consultants have proven to save companies monetarily through cutting asset loss, internal errors and fraud, fines, and all other threats from the corporate environment! We assign each client a specialist that spends time on site and telecommuting.

Team Experience

CSCI has supplied Senior Security Specialists to one of the most profitable commercial airlines in the aviation industry and combated crimes of corporate espionage, theft and identity theft relating to Nigerian and Gypsy cultures….most notably for the Los Angeles County Sheriffs office, Chicago and Boston Police Departments. Our Specialists continue to train in Business Practices, Physical and Electronic Security, Emerging threats, and Updated Local and Federal Laws and compliance codes. Over the years, we have established and maintained cooperative relations with national and international interests in various business industries but with a majority interest and expertise within the cargo industry via ship and aviation.

What does it entail?

  • Policy & Procedures
  • Local & Federal Government Code Compliance
  • Fine Mitigation
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Over see & Staff Physical Security (when needed)
  • Over see and Design Electronic Security
  • Corporate Espionage Investigation
  • Asset Protection
  • Internal/External Investigation
  • Vulnerability Assesments