About Us

About CSCI

CSCI has been serving clients throughout the United States since 2002. The team of staff here holds expertise in areas such as Law Enforcement and Military Operations,Department of Homeland Security, Aviation Security and Investigations, Civil and Criminal Invesigations, and much more! CSCI has had the opportunity to work closely with local and Federal Government as well as the private sector and individuals. Our Experts do a remarkable job at custom tailoring our abilities to best match the needs of our clientele and customers. Call and speak to a representative today about our unique protection and investigative abilities!

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CSCI Mission

CSCI mission is to provide professionalism, completive and quality security services for our clients. CSCI is devoted to leading industry standards in excellence, reliability and professionalism with an emphasis in excellent customer service.

CSCI Goals

As any successful firm, CSCI has operated as a very goal-oriented firm. Specific goals are set that our entire team of staff and officers strive to meet and exceed.
These consist of the following:

  • Attain a 95-100% customer/client satisfaction reviews
  • 95-100% CSCI Employee satisfaction
  • Retain the most respected quality-to-cost ratio within Texas
  • Securing, protecting, and assisting as many families, individuals and businesses as possible by any means necessary within our global reach.
  • Keep up with the most state-of-art equipment and techniques to retain our competitive advantage.

CSCI Abilities

With 13 years of operation and over 100+ years of experience comes a distinct set of abilities and skills that allows CSCI to operate as a unique private security firm. Abilities such as the knowledge, skills, and personnel to operate overseas in hostile and non-hostile environments, utilizing local and federal connections in completing assignments, skillfully complete any sized job of any degree in regards to any security or security consulting.